In search of alternative media in France

A growing band of activists wants to take on perceived bias in mainstream media outlets, but can they succeed?

The group says most media is concentrated in the hands of a few rich individuals and corporations [Shafik Mandhai/Al Jazeera]
Yasser Louati says journalism is an important component of activism [Shafik Mandhai/Al Jazeera]

Inclusive voices

I wanted to include the voices of people that weren’t heard in the mainstream … people like me.

Nadia Henni-Moulai, Founder of

Nadia Henni-Moulai wants her website ‘Melting Book’ to give voice to neglected communities in France [Courtesy: Nadia Henni-Moulai]

Targeted activism

Our objective is to politicise the grassroots so they can mobilise and organise … it’s activism, but journalism is a very important component of activism.

Yasser Louati, Anti-racism activist

Joseph Paris believes in using film as a means of educating activists [Courtesy: Joseph Paris]


Competition and collaboration

Nadiya Lazzouni says despite her criticisms, alternative and mainstream media outlets needed to work together [Courtesy: Nadia Lazzouni]

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